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The icon Viscometer analyser measures the dynamic viscosity of a range of petroleum products. Kinematic viscosity can also be calculated, using an optional internal density transducer.

Accurately measuring the viscosity of petroleum products is important to meet final blend specifications - without having to make costly blend adjustments later in the process.

To calculate the viscosity index, two icon Viscometer analysers are required. The dynamic viscosity is measured at two different temperatures (40°C and 100°C), and the kinematic viscosity is calculated using a density signal. One analyser (the ‘master’ or primary analyser) will calculate the viscosity index from these kinematic viscosities, and can then output this measurement.

The icon Viscometer analyser finds the dynamic viscosity of a sample through measuring the differential pressure across a capillary tube, following the Hagen-Poiseuille principle.

For more information, visit the Viscometer analyser page.

The results obtained can be directly correlated to standard test methods such as ASTM D445 AND D2270.

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