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Beautifully designed, and manufactured to world-leading standards, they deliver the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability, leading to precision performance that guarantees product quality.

All come with specifically designed touchscreen interface, housed in the iconic blast proof aluminium cases.

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Cetane Number

The Cetane Number Analyser (Cn) provides a quick and accurate Cetane number, increasing the profitability of the blendin...


Cloud Point

Determines the lowest temperature at which a fuel may be used without wax formation...


Vapour Pressure

An essential measurement of fuel volatility for gasoline, crude, condensate, LNG and LPG production...


Flash Point

Measures the lowest temperature at which selected fuels form a flammable vapour mixture with air...


Colour Opacity

Dual-measurement analysis of the purity, clarity, contamination or concentration of liquid fuel...


Freeze Point

Determines the lowest ambient temperature at which aviation jet fuel can be safely used...


Pour Point

Icon's stable and precise measurement enables the accurate determination of pour point and no-flow point for petroleum p...



Viscometer’s flexible operation means a range of petroleum products can be measured within the repeatability criteria of...



Icon's Distillation analyser measures boiling points or ranges of petroleum production in the light to middle distillate...


Ethanol Blend Optimiser

A worlds first this product will allow you to accurately see how the addition of Ethanol...


Cloud/Pour Combined

Mainly a specification in the USA, icon have combined the Cloud Point and Pour Point measurements in Diesel...


Cetane Index

Icon can use the distillation curves and density measurements to give the predictive Cetane Index measurement. This meas...

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