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Icon was set up to challenge conventions. To design better. To build better. To make analysers and blending technology that not only meet, but exceed the changing needs and expectations of today’s oil refinery plants and their engineers.

Our process analysers are redesigned from first principles, utilising the best of twenty-first century technology to deliver increased accuracy and repeatability. Re-inventing sensing technologies, and introducing innovative touchscreen control, our analysers are custom built for today’s process engineers, offering better performance, better control, more flexibility and reliability, as well as improved safety. Operational safety is engineered into the heart of every machine.

We work closely with all our clients

From the planning and development stage, through to on-site installation, to help achieve complete confidence in processes that are as efficient and cost-effective as possible, to guarantee product quality, and maximise profit.

Rethinking what’s possible

Rethinking what’s possible in Gasoline blending led us to the truly revolutionary ethanol blender, the only machine on the market to the possibility of actually measuring the effect of Ethanol on a blend in real time blending operations to reduce the giveaway on this plant.

We’re a tightly focussed organisation, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in our field, and raising the bar for industry expectations.

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