Keeping sustainable fuels flowing

Accurate CFPP measurements are increasingly important as refineries move towards greener fuels, such as biodiesels. However, the available technology is unreliable, difficult to use, and costly to maintain.

Now, with Icon’s new CFPP analyser, refineries can accurately measure CFPP in the process itself. Replicating the ASTM 6371 test method, with a cooling bath and measuring cell at its heart, Icon’s advanced cryo-cooling technology allows for precise control and rapid change of the bath temperature setpoint.

Incorporating the Icon CFPP analyser into the process allows the refinery to reduce the use of expensive additives and optimise the operating conditions of diesel streams. This accurate and continuous measurement can support the green economy, as well as bringing significant operational savings.


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How the CFPP analyser works

Following the ASTM D6371 test method, the sample is cooled and drawn through a standardized wire mesh filter into a pipette, under a controlled vacuum. This process is repeated, at intervals of 1°C below the initial temperature, until the sample flow is stopped or slowed down to the extent that it takes more than 60 seconds to fill the pipette. The CFPP - the temperature at which the last filtration was commenced – is then reported via Analog Output, Modbus (RS-485, TCP/IP), or OPC.


Outstanding cooling performance

With advanced cryo-cooling technology, allowing for precise control and rapid change of the bath temperature setpoint, and 3D printed insulation to prevent ice build-up.


In-built flushing cycle

To prevent paraffin build up, the first cycle the analyser runs is a flushing cycle. The sample is heated and backflows through the pipette into the test jar, to melt away any paraffin wax formation from the previous test. Any excess sample is pumped away to prevent over-flow or pressure in the test jar.



The analyser is compliant with the standard test method for CFPP measurements, replicating the ASTM 6371 method.


Cloud point input

The analyser can use a known cloud point temperature, set manually or provided by an Icon Cloud Point analyser installed on the Diesel stream, to further optimise the CFPP measurement cycle.