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Freeze Point delivers optimum fuel quality to the aerospace industry.

The icon Freeze Point analyser uses the advanced Cryo cooler technology used in the space industry to quickly and efficiently achieve reliable and repeatable freeze point measurements. Our technology avoids costly downtime experienced by existing antiquated technology. Vital for jet fuel quality, this is one measurement where it has to be correct 100% of the time.

Icon delivers.


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How the Freeze Point Analyser works

Fast, efficient sample cooling, measured through superior cell technology.

Icon’s patented low-mass measuring cell traps a small amount of sample, which is cooled at a controlled rate by the cryo-cooler using a phase angle control signal. The cooling process continues until the optical detector picks up sufficient light-scatter from precipitating wax crystals, indicating that a cloud is forming.

At this point, the cell is allowed to warm up naturally and the temperature at which the cloud disappears is taken as the freeze point. The sample cell is then flushed with fresh sample and the cycle is repeated; the measurement is then processed via software and reported to the user.


Best cooling performance

Icon’s advanced, patented cryo-cooler achieves exceptional results, without the need for an external chiller. Enhanced by an innovative vacuum insulation, Freeze Point cools down to -100°C within 10 minutes using normal plant-cooling water.


Excellent repeatability

Advanced detection algorithms and phase angle cryo-cooler control ensure better repeatability than standard test methods, giving unrivalled measurement certainty.


Reduced thermal losses

Air-gapped light guides eliminate physical and thermal contact between the light source, detector and the cell, reducing thermal losses for a more stable measurement.


Meets your test requirements

Freeze Point’s measurement results are compatible with all standard freeze-point test methods including ASTM D2386, D5972 and D7153.

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