Class-leading repeatability

Cloud Point’s enhanced performance uses sophisticated proprietary technologies more reliable than those used in traditional cloud point analysers.

Typically used to measure diesel fuel, Cloud Point’s analysis measurement is achieved through a unique low mass-measuring cell, non-contact light source and proprietary vacuum insulation system detector for outstanding thermal performance – without the need for an external cooler.

Two versions are available including a very low temperature “Cryo” version which uses technology used in the space industry for ultra low cooling.

In most cases, external chiller systems are not required, thus making the system ultra reliable.


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How Cloud Point Analyser works

Advanced thermoelectric cooling and optical detection systems provide exceptional results, in most cases without the need for chilled water.

The low mass measuring cell traps a small amount of the sample. This is then cooled at a controlled rate by the Peltier-based thermoelectric cooler using a pulse width modulated control signal. The cooling continues until sufficient light-scatter is detected from precipitating wax crystals to trigger cloud point detection.

The old sample is then flushed away and the cycle is repeated. If the sample enters the unit at too low a temperature, the Peltier control is reversed to warm the sample before carrying on with the analysis.


Best in class cooling performance

With reduced thermal losses thanks to the low mass measuring cell, patented vacuum insulation system and non-contacting light source and detector, this provides the highest differential between cooling water temperature and the lowest measurable cloud point.


Increased measuring cell life

As well as giving improved cooling performance, icon’s patent vacuum insulation eliminates premature cell failure caused by condensation and cooling errors due to ice formation.



Results are compatible with those of any standard cloud point test methods including ASTM D2500 and ASTM D5771/2/3


Excellent repeatability

Advanced detection algorithms and pulse width modulated variable-rate Peltier cooler control ensures Cloud Point achieves better repeatability than the standard test methods.

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