Precision laser performance

Icon’s proprietary laser technology enhances process control and ensures process safety across all areas of production, transportation and storage.

The icon Vapour Pressure analyser uses piston expansion techniques to be able to perform most of the common ASTM methods. This industry proven analyser has been adopted as the standard for blending operations by many of the worlds largest refinery companies.

Its unparalleled performance enables the capture of profit margin which before was being wasted.


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How the Vapour Pressure Analyser works

Variable piston expansion enables vapour pressure testing to a wide range of temperatures and vapour-liquid ratios.

Product flows into a measuring cell, where resistance thermometers enable the cell and sample temperature to be accurately controlled. A small, defined volume of the sample is held in place by a piston, which utilises icon’s laser controlled liquid-vapour ratio measurement technology for exceptional accuracy and superior repeatability.

Once equilibrium is established, the absolute pressure inside the cell is converted into actual vapour pressure as required by the test method being emulated. This enables the vapour pressure to be measured in accordance with various test models and the most up-to-date standards.


Versatile operation

Able to perform single or multiple expansions, Vapour Pressure can test samples across a broad range of temperatures and liquid-vapour ratio - and offers a unique simultaneous four-measurement analysis for crude oil (TVP, RVP x 2, gas-oil ratio)


Test method adaptability

Variable piston expansion enables vapour pressure to be tested to various standard test methods. Results can be correlated back to Reid Vapour Pressure by the use of published and accepted correlation factors.


Ease of use

Icon’s robust, explosion proof design is certified to latest ATEX and IECEx hazard area standards, while intuitive software and an integrated touch screen interface enables simple, hands-on operation.


Excellent repeatability

Vapour Pressure uses a unique Peltier cooler and cartridge heater design, enabling the highly accurate control and measurement of cell and sample temperature for better repeatability.

At icon we like to take a holistic approach to your refinery needs, offering not only our suite of world class analysers, but also a consultative approach where we are able to support you with all your Gasoline Blending and Diesel blending requirements. Helping you to increase profits and not Gamble with your Giveaway.

We have also launched our Ethanol Blend Optimiser especially for Gasoline Blending a first of a kind product that can accurately tell you how your blend will perform once ethanol has been added.

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