Innovating for the energy transition

The role of hydrogen in the clean energy transition hinges on innovation, and Icon Scientific’s unique Hydrogen analyser is ready for the shift.

With the energy transition at the top of the agenda for energy companies, low-emission hydrogen - and its potential role in this transition – is a trending topic. The number of announced low-emission hydrogen projects is expanding every year, with many governments and businesses implementing initiatives to encourage these.

Hydrogen sensing and blend analysis are instrumental in this push to net zero, particularly in new hydrogen blending applications. Our newest analyser takes Icon’s expertise in blending solutions, alongside H2-Scan’s gold standard hydrogen sensor, to create an industry-leading Hydrogen analyser that is ready for the challenges of the energy transition.

Icon Scientific's Hydrogen analyser - ready for the energy transition

  • Rugged Explosion-Proof Packaging
  • Cutting-Edge Technology, incorporating H2 Scan's industry leading hydrogen sensor
  • Self-Calibrating, Zero Maintenance, No Utilities