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Yes. Stream switching control can be assigned to any of the following selectable modes:

  • Digital Input (up to 2 streams)
  • Modbus (up to 3 streams)
  • OPC (up to 3 streams)
  • Internal Stream Switching Table (up to 3 streams)

Each stream can be individually named and can have their own ASTM method assigned from the internal stream switching table or over Modbus. An additional validation stream (with an optional dedicated inlet and internal validation stream selection valve) is also available and is controlled independently of the process stream switching modes selected above.

Yes. All icon products are approved to give absolute confidence and peace of mind in hazardous areas.

ATEX/IECEx group IIC certification level is not available – and is usually not necessary. Zone 1, group IIB+H2 T4 is offered and will be sufficient where acetylene is not present, as can be expected in a refinery installation.

Yes. All icon analysers are equipped with a 17” armoured glass wipe-clean touch-screen and intuitive multi-lingual graphic user interface.

icon analysers are NACE compliant. Provided the internal sample pressure is kept to below 65 psi(a), the analysers fall within the permitted exclusions of the NACE standard and so comply without special or additional material testing/certification. NACE MR0175/ISO15156 certificates are not offered for most analysers, as certification is not required for compliance. For the icon Colour/Opacity analysers, NACE certification is available as an option.

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