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The icon Vapour Pressure analyser measures vapour pressure - the pressure exerted by a vapour in equilibrium above a liquid, at a specific temperature and vapour-liquid ratio. Vapour pressure is a measurement of volatility which is used in gasoline, LNG condensate, crude oil, and liquefied petroleum gas production. This is important particularly for blending control and for finding safe storage conditions.

The icon Vapour Pressure analyser uses the piston-expansion principle to measure vapour pressure, in line with the latest vapour pressure test methods. It is compatible with any required ASTM test method and allows for single and/or multiple expansions.

For more information, visit the Vapour Pressure analyser page.

Directly applicable standard test methods include ASTM D5191, D6378, D6897, and D6377.

Correlatable standard test methods include ASTM D323, D4953, D5190, D5188 and D5482.

For more information, download the Vapour Pressure brochure.

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