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Three reasons why you need the icon Ethanol Blend Optimiser for your oil refinery

Are you ready to join the Refinery Revolution?Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your oil refinery?Do you have an accurate appraisal of your giveaway?Do you want to increase profits? Our new and exclusive Ethanol Blend Optimiser will help y...
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How can you make your refinery more efficient?

Running and managing an oil refinery is a delicate balancing act. You are faced with many pivotal decisions every single day. At icon, we understand that when it comes to making these decisions, exact and precise data is required. The profitability o...
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Icon Scientific's New Pour Point Analyser Goes Where No Peltier-Based Cooled Analyser Has Gone Before

Icon Scientific has announced the launch of its brand new Pour Point analyser, featuring its advanced thermoelectric Peltier-based cooling system. Used to provide an indicator of the lowest temperature at which typically a fuel oil may be used, icon...
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Industry First for Icon’s Cloud Point Analyser

In an industry first, Icon Scientific is celebrating five years of consecutive use of one of its first Cloud Point analysers, installed in a French refinery in 2010. "Our technology is a significant leap forward for the industry," said Kevin Fogarty,...
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Icon Scientific Launches New Web Site

Icon Scientific Limited (Icon), a leader in process physical property range analysers, has launched its new web site. The new site gives customers quick access to application-specific product information and support details as the fast-growing compan...
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Icon Scientific Launches New Viscometer Analyser

Icon Scientific, the new leader in physical properties analysis for midstream and downstream production, has launched a brand new Viscometer product that joins its expanding range of world-leading process analysers. Offering a highly accurate and rep...
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