How can you make your refinery more efficient?

Running and managing an oil refinery is a delicate balancing act. You are faced with many pivotal decisions every single day. At icon, we understand that when it comes to making these decisions, exact and precise data is required.

The profitability of your blending process is fundamental to the overall cost effectiveness of the refinery and blending the product to the optimum specification is a key factor in this process. There are many variables to manage during the blend process that are controlled using boost models which are costing you money.

You no longer have to Gamble with your Giveaway!

At icon, we decided to go ‘all in’ and raise our development game and have created the Ethanol Blend Optimiser which is revolutionising the way that you look at the blending process - forever!

If you are looking for efficiency and a more profitable business, then this exclusive device will remove or minimise the uncertainty in real-time blend control. Together with our complimentary analytical solutions we will reduce your giveaway, improve the quality of your blend and significantly increase your profits. You will never have to Gamble with your Giveaway ever again!

This industry-leading solution is the latest in a suite of innovative products and services (including bespoke consultancy to refinery plants around the world) that have been designed by our professional team of experts to not just meet, but to exceed your needs.

Is your current blending process as efficient as it can be?

How can you truly maximise your profit?

Do you struggle with your giveaway?

The answer to all your blending problems is the revolutionary Ethanol Blend Optimiser and analyser suite which will help you capture that additional lost revenue. It’s a game-changer and will change the way you look at the blending process whilst improving your giveaway and increasing your profits.

How is the Ethanol Blend Optimiser different from your current way of working?

There is nothing else out there that is as accurate as the Ethanol Blend Optimiser. It provides real-time data on the composition of your blend and how it will react when ethanol is added. It will provide you with the most accurate reading - every time!

The days of gambling with your giveaway and second guessing your blend characteristics are long gone. If you want more accuracy, efficiency and profit, the new Ethanol Blend Optimiser is just what you need.

Join the blending revolution. Contact us today to find out more.