Icon Scientific: bigger, better, and greener

As we enter the final months of 2023, Icon Scientific is looking back on another year of innovation and growth. A busy summer has seen the factory host service training, FAT tests, sales meetings, and more. And we had the perfect backdrop to host these events - a factory full of our distinctive yellow analysers. The Icon factory has been fully loaded since July, with our production team working on analysers destined for refineries all over the world: from Argentina to Angola, Spain to Saudi Arabia.

The image focuses on Icon's distinctive yellow analysers - there are four in the foreground of the picture, and two further back. Four people are stood around one of the analysers at the back of the image, being shown a graph on the analyser display.

“2023 has seen Icon grow significantly, cementing our position as a real force in the industry,” said Kevin Fogarty, Managing Director. “Thanks to the skilled and dedicated team in Bath, and our distributor network, our customers around the world can rely on industry-leading service and support, coupled with a technologically advanced range of products.”

The flow of orders isn’t stopping anytime soon, and we are already booking up the factory for 2024. To support this growth, we have employed new staff in nearly all our departments, including production, operations, and marketing.

With new analyser releases on the horizon, Icon Scientific is only getting bigger, better, and greener. These new analysers exemplify our commitment to the energy transition - as we continue to invest in the research and innovation needed for the energy industry to face the challenges of the climate crisis head-on.

Since the release of our very first analyser, Icon Scientific has been working to give today’s refineries the modern, efficient, and reliable analysers they need. Today, we continue to honour this commitment: challenging conventions, designing better, and building better – while staying focused on the concerns and challenges the industry faces today.

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