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PpPour Point Analyser

Icon scientific’s stable and precise measurement enables the accurate determination of pour point and no-flow point for petroleum products.

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Pour Point

Advanced cooling technology

Icon’s Peltier cooling technology delivers exceptionally accurate and repeatable measurement results, in most cases without the requirement for chilled water.

Pour Point’s cooling system is housed in a unique patented, sealed containment vessel held under vacuum, which improves performance and eliminates condensation and ice formation. For maximum reassurance, detection systems monitor the vacuum and alert the user to any sample leakage. 


How PourPoint works

The temperature at which a liquid becomes semi-solid is deduced through pressure analysis of samples cooled to precise temperature intervals.

The low mass measuring cell traps a small amount of the sample, which is then cooled at a controlled rate. At pre-set temperature intervals the sample is micro-pulsed by a piston driven by a stepper motor. Sample movement is detected by a differential pressure sensor connected across the measuring cell.

Cooling is continued until the applied pressure pulse generates a positive differential pressure indicating that the sample is no longer moving; this temperature is taken as the no-flow point. The old sample is then warmed and flushed away and the cycle is repeated. 

Icon's Pour Point analyser user interface charts
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Test method adaptability

Obtained results are compatible with all major recognised Pour and No Flow point test methods, including ASTM D97, D5853, D5949 and D5985.

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Hazardous Area certified

Icon’s robust, explosion proof design is certified to the latest ATEX, IECEx and TIIS (Japan) standards and is suitable for zone 1 or zone 2 uses; and ETL listed for the USA and Canada Class 1 Div1 Group CD, depending on application.

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Low cost of ownership

For most applications no chilled water is required, avoiding the need of separate chiller unit, while no expensive purge gas or instrument air is required for operation.

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Easy to use

Pour Point is designed for straightforward integration into any system. Standard control options include Modbus RTU( RS485), Modbus RTU over Ethernet (TC/IP) and 4-20mA outputs, while icon’s innovative touch screen user interface, auto validation and calibration options and extensive in-built diagnostics make operation simple.

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