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FpFlash Point Analyser

Measures the lowest temperature at which selected fuels form a flammable vapour mixture with air

Flash Point enables you to determine safe temperatures for the storage and transportation of petroleum products.

Icon's Flash Point analyser user interface

Flash Point

More precision, more profit

Flash Point runs your product to spec with industry-leading efficiency and accuracy

Designed to make flash point analysis safe, simple and flexible, icon ensures your product meets precise specifications. Aided by advanced flow control, flow metering and sample cooling options, Flash Point completely isolates the flash point process within.

An innovative air cleaning system removed deposits and contaminants, while internal cameras enable observation of the sparking process – meaning you can operate and maintain the analyser without needing to open icon’s ATEX and IECEx-compliant explosion-proof housing.


How Flash Point works

The analyser heats a sample and applies a test spark to the liquid, indicating the safe storage temperatures for your products

The sample is pumped into a test cup and trapped within it. At a controlled rate, air is also introduced to the test cup, which is then heated. At selected intervals, electrodes positioned over the sample generate a high-voltage spark. When it is reached, the flash point is detected by a highly sensitive low- mass thermocouple. The sample flow is then re-established and the airflow increased, allowing the test cup to cool in preparation for the next cycle.

Icon's Flash Point analyser user interface
Icon's Flash Point analyser inspection icon

Inbuilt inspection facility

An internal camera enables flash point observation without the need to open the explosion-proof box, making the whole process safer and easier to monitor.

Icon's Flash Point analyser performance icon

Electrode cleaning system

Air is blown through the electrode assembly during cooling, and the electrodes are sparked to remove any deposits that have formed. This keeps the electrodes clean and enables routine maintenance without having to open the explosion-proof box.

Icon's Flash Point analyser cleaning icon

Dual pump option

For higher viscosity samples such as fuel oils, a second pump can be fitted for use in conjunction with a heated vent line and flame trap. This option also allows sample return against back pressure.

Icon's Flash Point analyser testing icon

Inbuilt sample cooler

Flash Point integrates a Peltier-based sample cooler, ensuring that the incoming sample is safely cooled below the flash point temperature.

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