Icon Scientific’s ‘Resilient and Reliable’ Distillation Analyser in Demand

Icon Scientific has experienced an increase in enquiries for its new Distillation analyser, which challenges traditional technology and introduces new, cutting-edge analysis methods to deliver results.

Designed to measure individual boiling points or boiling ranges of petroleum production in the light to middle distillate ranges, Distillation integrates operational and analytical innovations into a next-generation design that produces a repeatable, accurate and trusted result.

Offering a highly reliable measurement, Distillation meets the repeatability and reproducibility criteria of test method ASTM D86, and may be directly correlated to the test method criteria of ASTM D86, IP123 and ISO3405.

Offering a standard measuring range of between 30-430°C, the Distillation analyser works by carrying out the small-scale distillation of 20 millilitres of sample under temperature controlled conditions. With a rapid cycle time of between 10-15 minutes per cycle, completed distillation is achieved between fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the sample properties.

Utilising icon’s proven laser level technology for distillation recovery monitoring, and a system designed so as not to require an expensive sample recovery system, Distillation addresses the problems experienced by existing systems. Aided by an extensive range of measurement temperatures and sample inlet and outlet conditions, Distillation’s streamlined system design produces a more reliable, repeatable measurement.

Icon’s revolutionary 17” glass, touchscreen controlled, flexible, graphic user interface displays full size plotting of all parameters. The analyser can be easily programmed to perform automatic validation / calibration on demand or on a timed basis, while extended functionality includes the ability to program automatic decoke cycles.

Tested and certified to IP66 (dust tight and protected from powerful water jets) and IP67 (dust tight and protected from temporary total immersion in water), icon’s robust, explosion proof design is ATEX and IECEx certified to the latest standards. This makes Distillation suitable for zone 1 or zone 2 use in gas groupings of IIA, IIB or IIB+H2, with a variable T-rating, depending upon application ETL listing for the USA and Canada Class 1 Div1 Group C/D. A spill alarm also offers internal protection in the case of a leak being detected in the analyser enclosure.

Finally, extensive digital and analogue connectivity enables remote operation through easy system integration. Options include standard Modbus RS485 wired output (fibre optic optional), LAN Ethernet connectivity, 4-20mA outputs and alarm contacts.

Distillation joined icon’s complete portfolio of physical property analysers, which also includes analysers designed for measuring Vapour Pressure, Cloud Point, Flash Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscometer and the Colour/Opacity of oil and gas products.

“Since the launch last year we have had continued interest in Distillation, particularly from refineries, which has all been very positive since it has been designed with a next-generation mind-set to replace older, outdated analysis methods,” says Kevin Fogarty. Distillation integrates all the technical advances icon has made into a resilient analyser that combines a fast and accurate measurement with flexible control options and a trustworthy, safe design.”